Following the success of dating apps worldwide, social media giant Facebook has decided to introduce a dating function onto its many other functions. While Facebook only introduced the app in the United States in early September 2019, it has already gained a lot of attention.

How to Use Facebook Dating
Once Facebook dating is available in your area of the world (b/c it’s not totally rolled out yet), all you need to do click on the ‘dating’ option from the mobile app menu screen. This will bring up your ‘dating home’ & from there you will be able to set up your dating profile. BTW, it will not be visible to your other Facebook friends.

Did you know about Facebook dating?

How to Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile:

To set up your Facebook dating profile, the procedures are basically the same as for other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. You will select your gender and the gender you want to be matched up with, the location in which you wish to find your match and a few particular notes about yourself. Facebook Dating will then use your information, and your interests in order to find your possible ‘perfect match’.

There’s also a ‘Secret Crush’ function which allows you to ‘secretly’ like up to 9 of your ‘friends’ on the platform. Rumor has it that the ‘Secret Crush’ feature will soon be rolling out to allowing you to have a ‘crush’ on your followers on Instagram too!

Facebook Dating & Privacy

Once you have created your Facebook dating profile, you will be able to select a wide range of options which will help you find some ‘perfect matches’ to choose from. No need to stress, your dating profile will not be visible to your Facebook friends on their newsfeeds, but it may be visible to your friends who have opted to use the Facebook dating app.
At this time, Facebook states that it will not be using the data that it receives back from your actions on the platform for ‘advertising’ purposes…..but, anyone who knows anything about Facebook probably doesn’t believe them.

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