While Social Media is becoming one of the biggest parts of our lives, the social media platform Instagram is continuing to create innovative ways to keep us on our toes and keep us wanting to see more of what people are doing worldwide.

Here are three tips to make the most out of your stories and become a star of Instagram!

Don’t Crowd Your Story

There is a reason why Instagram limits story videos to 15 seconds; people haven’t got the patience or attention to give to videos of people talking for more than 15 seconds. Have more to say? Wait a few hours before posting you other stories. Nobody likes to see hundreds of tiny dashes on top of their screens, so try not to be that person!

Draw Your Followers’ Attention to Your Latest Post

You may have been starting to see people sharing their own latest posts on their stories and hiding them with ‘new post’ gifs. This is done in order to attract attention of followers to your new Instagram post, and this will help you get more likes and more attention. Share your post on your story and give your followers a sneak peek into your post, cover it with stickers or texts to awaken curiosity in your followers and attract them to your new post, and see your likes flowing!

Highlight Your Best Instagram Stories

Your stories should be a source of pride for you. Once you have a story that you absolutely love, make sure to save it in your highlights, these will serve as advertisements and your new followers will get an insight into your profile.

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