(Tip #9/10) Split Test

 I owe you all an apology.
…I SHOULD HAVE started with this Quick Tip for Facebook Ad Success….and I didn’t….I apologize. 
During the time that I worked as an Advertising Account Manager for Facebook, Inc, one of the questions that I would frequently get asked by my clients was…’What kind of creative works best?”
Unfortunately, there is no one right answer… Yes, video usually does perform better than still images, but not always.
I frequently tell people to use bright colors to get people’s attention….. 
However, right now I have a client who is a professional photographer and her ads are all single images (not video!)  AND black & white images (not color)…..& she is KILLIN IT…Since we began working together, her leads have increased 36%!
Here is a screenshot of her ad (used w/ permission)
Tip #9: Split Test
  • A split test (or A/B test) is a marketing strategy that tests two elements of a marketing campaign against each other to find out which delivers the best results.
  • A good split test can increase your ROAS (return on ad spend).
  • Facebook’s split testing is one of the best ways to test ad efficiency.
  • Creative: Testing different ad images, videos, words, headlines, calls to action, etc.
  • Audience: Targeting different audiences, demographics, interests, etc
  • Budget Optimization: Running campaigns with and without campaign budget optimization
  • Placements: Testing placement types, e.g. automatic vs specific placements, i.e. ONLY Facebook, or ONLY Instagram
Here are some examples of split test types: 
Remember that not every split test may improve the ad’s performance….Don’t let this stop you from testing other variables.
Happy Testing!!!!

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Wishing you successful ad performance, 
Louie B
Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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