(Tip #9/10) Headlines Strengthen Your Message

Do you remember those things called Newspapers 📰  that most of us used to get our news from?…

(Fun Fact: I actually had a paper route & rode my bike 🚴‍♀️delivering papers from the time I was 9 years old until I graduated 👩‍🎓 from high school!)

Well, the reason I am bringing up the newspaper topic is b/c ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects about the newspaper is the HEADLINE. 

I think most of us have seen these examples of eye-catching headlines…..

Well, the same is true w/ Facebook Ads…. 

Tip #9: Headlines Strengthen Your Message

✅ The ad Headline is located UNDER THE IMAGE

✅ Headlines are meant to GRAB ATTENTION to make people click 
✅ Create an outstanding headline that HIGHLIGHTS your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION 
✅ The AVERAGE LENGTH for a Facebook ad headline is just  5 WORDS 

Here are a few ad examples

 ✅ Asana (above): The headline is short, simple, and very matter-of-fact (‘Great teams work in Asana’)
 ✅ Panasonic (below): Simple & full of feeling w/only 3 words. (‘You inspire us’)

DON’T LET this VALUABLE PIECE OF ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE, the HEADLINE, GO TO WASTE….Use the Headline to YOUR  ADVANTAGE to have people take action on your ad!! 

Wishing you successful ad performance, 

Louie B

Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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