(Tip #7/10) Use Captions AND Hashtags

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Tip #7: Use Captions AND Hashtags#



✅ Instagram captions have the potential to add context to the images and videos you share, as well as provide details to viewers.

✅ They are especially important if you have an Instagram Business Profile, which you should if you are a business. Reminder: If you don’t have one, that’s your first task.See Tip #1

✅ Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long…Remember, only the first 2 lines of text appear without having to tap ‘more’



Hashtags are Instagram’s sorting process. … Essentially, hashtags are a better way to categorize your posts. 


#Hashtags help you reach a target audience, and more importantly, they help your target audience find you.


✅  Hashtags increase your visibility and discoverability.

✅  You can use up to 30 #hashtags/post

✅ To get the most benefit, choose hashtags that are #Relevant & #Specific to your niche

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