(Tip #6/10) Captions ARE Important

One of the main aspects of memorable social media content is VALUE!….I know, I know it’s ALWAYS about being able to deliver ‘Value’ to your client base.👩‍🦰
Here are 6 ways that you can bring Value to your customers:
  1. Educational
  2. Interactive
  3. Connecting
  4. Promotional
  5. Newsworthy
  6. Entertainment 
SO, the VALUE that I’m going to bring you today will be Educational Value…..🎒🏫😎
WHAT Captions Are:
As a quick reminder, captions transcribe the words spoken in your video & display them at the bottom of the screen.
By showing the dialogue in your TikTok video through written text, the people who watch your videos can understand what is happening – regardless of whether they have their sound on or have hearing impairments.

Almost 80% of viewers watch videos without soundso captions can play a key component in engaging with these users.
When you share content on TikTok, the main idea is to allow anyone in the world to enjoy it.

  • Improve Brand Reach on TikTok: The TT algorithm ‘rewards’ videos that have captions w/ increased reach
  • Increase Engagement: If you don’t include captions, people may not be able to watch your videos & will likely just keep scrolling onto the next one
  • When Sound is Off: If the user’s sound is off on their device, they are still able to receive your brand message b/c there are captions on the screen
Aside from the video content, itself, there is a lot of powerful value held in the CAPTIONS of TikTok.
Whether it’s a short & sweet caption pairing, a noteworthy call-to-action, or an educational opportunity… the captions can be a powerful asset in the content creator toolbelt! 

P.S. Reminder: Another element of captions that can help boost visibility and expand your reach is HASHTAGS! Head on over to TikTok Tip #2 to learn how hashtags in captions are the cherry on top of the sundae!

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