(Tip #5/10) Create Visual Content

Tip# 5: Create Visual Content


I’m going to tell you something right now that may be ‘controversial’ (nope – it’s not about vaxing!)……Your IG images DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!!….AND THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE IN A CERTAIN ORDER. 


FOLKS, this is SOCIAL MEDIA….Be SOCIAL..have fun, DO NOT WORRY about the way your IG Grid ‘looks’!


(I’m being 100% serious….that is an ‘outdated’ directive!!…Being AUTHENTIC is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!)


However, the NUMBER 1 QUESTION that I GET ASKED about Instagram is…’What am I supposed to post?’


Here are some 7 ideas:

✅ 1. Behind-the-scenes posts: Give followers a look at your office/storefront/ manufacturing process…a ‘day-in-the-life’ look at you!

✅ 2. Quotes and text-based images:

 Use text to create visually interesting content w/o photos

✅ 3. Product/Service: Show off your products/services/ upcoming events, etc

✅ 4. User-Generated Content: UGC is very fun, authentic, and compelling

✅ 5. Info/How-To/ Instructional posts: Teach your followers how to achieve a goal, how to do or make something (think of all of the ‘how to’ make-up vids!)

✅ 6. Videos: The maximum length of a video post on IG is 60 seconds….If you have ‘more to say’ then move it over to IGTV

✅ 7. Reels: These multi-cut videos are Instagram’s answer to TikTok


Here’s a screenshot from a client….they have a mix of #3, Product/Service Posts (top-row-middle); #5, Info posts (top-left corner), & #4, UGC (3rd row-middle).

Instagram users spend an average of 30minutes/day on the platform – give them something to look 👀 at! 

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