(Tip #4/10) Redefining Authenticity

Redefining Authenticity
I’m going to be bold, and start out by saying that TikTok IS redefining the term ‘authenticity’. 
I have been working in marketing since I finished MBA school  in 2002.
I worked in traditional marketing for Ping Golf  & Carhartt Workwear clothing & even had the opportunity to work directly for Facebook, Inc (Meta, Inc ) for almost 3 yrs as an Advertising Account Manager. 
Since 2015, I have been specializing in business strategy & digital marketing (i.e. content strategy; social media posts; conversational marketing management; paid ads on FB/IG….etc). 
I have always talked to my clients about being ‘authentic’.
I fully embraced the word, feeling, belief of ‘showing up authentically’…until I downloaded the TikTok app and began consuming TikTok content.
For me, in MY user experience (I only share my own experiences – I know that the algorithms show different content to different people), I have found TikTok to be a wonderful experience w/a lot of diversity, vulnerability, honesty and support.
I use TikTok as an individual, as a marketer, as a business owner & as a successful paid advertiser for my clients – I think that the TikTok platform truly is redefining the industry because there’s an emphasis on authenticity!
Authenticity is Key for Marketing on TikTok
Because of this ‘Redefined Authenticity’, TikTok users trust sponsored videos on TikTok more than on other platforms – For you, as a business person, that is an important piece of information to understand.
A recent Nielsen study found that people find advertising on TikTok to be more fun, real, honest, trustworthy, and authentic.
The study also discovered that 60% of users feel a sense of community on TikTok & that TikTok users perceive the platform to be ad-friendly and are more likely to share information about products and brands with other users. 
  • 54% people find brands on TikTok credible; 53% trust the quality of the brands being advertised.
  • 8/10 found advertising on TikTok to be unique compared to other platforms
  • 71% of TikTok users did not mind ads
  • 63%  were open to brands and hearing about new products on TikTok.
  • Authentic content leaves 73% of users feeling positive and emotionally uplifted afterward.

Try Something New

 The aspect of ‘redefining authenticity’ and the ‘creative authenticity’ that underpins content on TikTok transfers to consumers’ perceptions of advertising & then generates more brand trust,
On TikTok, authenticity comes before aesthetics — so don’t be afraid to try something new, have fun and let your personality shine!

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