(Tip #4/10) Make Sure to Optimize Your IG Profile/Bio

Tip # 4: Make Sure to Optimize Your IG Profile/Bio


Your Instagram bio is your chance to introduce your brand on Instagram


It’s a small space (only 150 characters), but when used effectively it can be very powerful.


Btw, make sure that you have a positive photo/image on your IG Profile/Bio too!


In 150 characters YOUR IG Profile/Bio NEEDS to

  • Make a Positive Impression
  • Convey Your Brand Personality
  • Tell People About Your Business

Use this IG Bio CHECKLIST to Get Started:
✅ Explain who you are/what you do
✅ Target your audience with specific keywords
✅ Link to your website
✅ Show your personality


The best bio for Instagram is one that helps compel visitors to stick around, learn more about you & click the follow button.

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