(Tip #4/10) Consider the Psychology of Color

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Today’s Facebook Ad Creative tip is going to be short & direct….

Tip #4: Consider the Psychology of Color

Colors speak a language that words just can’t capture…

colors communicate with us on an Emotional Level 

The use of color in your advertising can convey the attitudes and moods you would like consumers to associate with your products
The emotion or attitude the color choice generates allows consumers to associate those emotions with your products.

✅ Grab the eyes of consumers by using contrast
✅ Define YOUR brand identity (ex. Facebook blue; UPS brown; Netflix red)
✅ Associate your products w/ certain emotions or feelings

✅ When deciding on a color, think about the market you’re selling to, what they like, what they expect

Here is a FANTASTIC image that shows the Color <=> Emotion correlation

Color psychology isn’t just about evoking certain emotions… It’s also using colors to meet consumers’ expectations for products and brands. 

When setting up the brand identity for your company or setting up ads for your company’s products or services, stop & think what color would be the ‘best’ for your message. 



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Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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