(Tip #3/10) Personal or Pro Account?

Bonding Time
My 2 sons (17/19), of course, have TikTok accounts. 
The other day I asked my 17yo to help me find something on the TikTok app settings that I was looking for……We sat next to each other on the sofa, experiencing bonding time together!
However, after about 4 minutes of comparing the app on his phone and the app on my phone, I realized why he wasn’t able to help me find what I was looking for….His app interface was NOT the same as mine.
My son uses the ‘Personal Account’ & I use the ‘Pro Account’ (business account)….Our ‘bonding time’ came to a quick end!
2 Levels
TikTok has 2 levels of account types: Personal & Pro. 
  • No analytics or insights & there is more access to music (b/c of copyright laws).
  • No advanced functionality.
  • Pro account includes either a Business account or a Creator account
  • The Pro Level of TikTok gives access to analytics and insights. Ex. video view metrics, follower count, profile views, etc. – Some really useful data!
Within the Pro Level there are 2 Types: Business & Creator
Pro Business Account:
  • TikTok for business offers exclusive access to specialized resources that help businesses and brands up their strong content strategies.
  • Business accounts help connect with customers more efficiently and quickly than personal accounts.
  • This account focuses on advertising the company/brand image to help more people know about the company’s products or services
Pro Creator Account:
  • TikTok for creators allows users to have more creative space.
  • It has fewer options for advertising and marketing but still has all analytics and insights you might need.
  • One of the best features of a creator account is the creator fund and the question-and-answer upgrade, allowing for more personal interaction with followers

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