(Tip #1/10) Video, Video, Video

Tip #1/10: Video, Video, Video

So, over the next 10 days, I will be presenting you with ‘1-Quick-Tip-for-Facebook-Ad-Success‘…

…and here’s Tip #1: Video, Video, Video, Video

  • Videos are better for driving Facebook views, engagement; people will watch videos and spend more time watching your ads
  • All things being equal, video ads on Facebook outperform regular image ads and other ad formats
  • There may be some exceptions, but for the majority of businesses, video content will win vs a still image
  • This is particularly the case with service-based businesses
  • Educating your target market as a service provider can be incredibly effective for establishing your industry expertise and acquiring client

Here are some quick stats to think about:

  • Video ad engagement vs images…..2x the increase in clicks…and more than 1x+ in conversions
  • The first 3secs of a video delivers about 47% of the value*
  • The first 10secs of videos contain about 74% of the value*
  • 96% of FB users access the platform via their mobile device**
  • Adding captions to your videos has been found to increase view times by 12%**



Sheesh! Those are some strong stats that support video ads…This is consistent w/my experience too. My team makes excellent videos that consistently out-perform still images.

 I hope that those stats inspire you to push forward w/ posting videos and using videos for ads…..PLUS, you can make some great ‘Custom Audiences’ (a future tip will be addressing Custom Audiences) from the people who view the videos, so that you can remarket/retarget these people who have already engaged with your brand. 

 Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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