10 TikTok Marketing Tips

(Tip #10/10) Have Fun!

It has been fantastic hearing from so many small business owners over the past few weeks…a lot of excitement re. using video to grow their businesses.  Here is what Michelle sent me:“At first, I wasn’t sure whether my videos were good enough – but I posted them to TikTok anyway. I was quite surprised to see how …

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(Tip #7/10) Balance Entertainment & Promotion

When using TikTok for your business, the goal is to make a connection with your customers with the value of your content. The 2 Main Components of your TikTok video are Entertainment & Promotion for your brand. The balance between these 2 main components must be handled strategicaly. So, here are 2 scroll-past-and-keep-going scenarios: Scenario 1: You are scrolling through TikTok… you …

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(Tip #5/10) Size Matters

I wanted to send out a quick tip for today…..This one is about the Size of the TikTok Video  .  Top 6 Tech Aspects of TikTok Videos Aspect Ratio: 9:16 or 1:1 with sidebars Recommended Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 pixels Video Orientation: vertical Maximum Video Length: 15 secs for a single recording and up to 10 minutes secs for several videos …

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