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#7 Your Voice

Authentic video content can consist of a variety of different things: trends, music, etc. Your brand’s video content should stay consistent with your audience in these 4 Main Areas:  Branding  Style Tone Verbiage  The reason why is because your video content, much like the rest of your social media content, serves as the voice your audience hears coming …

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#6 NOT Perfect

Video content creation seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be! Today’s video consumers value simplicity and authenticity… less is more! Here are 6 Top Tips to Make Authentic (not perfect) Video Content: Know your audience. Research competitors. Find your own brand voice. Keep it simple. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t give up! It doesn’t have to …

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#5 Add Value

One of the best ways to show up authentically in your video content is CREATING VIDEOS THAT HAVE VALUE, rather than just selling your product or service. How exactly can you ADD VALUE to your video content that will boost your sales without seeming overly promotional? Here are the Three E’s of Video Content Value:  EDUCATE: product hacks, product demo, brand story, …

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#3 Be Real

Guess what?! Your brand’s VIDEO CONTENT does not have to be a Hollywood film production! No stylists… No director… No production crew… No script… No bells OR whistles! Trust me, your viewers want to see the REAL you. This should take a mountain of stress off your shoulders… because all you have to do is capture ORGANIC CONTENT on your smartphone! Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have plenty of IN-APP EDITING TOOLS that can optimize your video …

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#2 B Tru 2 U

Not sure where to start when CREATING AUTHENTIC VIDEOS for your brand? Well, it all starts with YOU & YOUR BRAND! Here are 4 KEY QUALITIES CONSUMERS SEEK OUT in the brands they connect with:  ORIGINALITY: Being you & your brand’s authentic self! INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing for your customers and your brand! RELATABILITY: Be real and relatable to your audience! TRANSPARENCY: Presenting your most …

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#1 Human Connection

In video content creation, authenticity creates a personal affinity and deeper connection between your brand and your audience…the Human Connection.  Especially now, since every social media consumer is bombarded with advertisements and video content, making yours STAND OUT is vital. One way to do this is by giving your video content a HUMAN FEEL! Creating authentic videos will help your audience BUILD TRUST with you, …

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(Tip #10/10) Have Fun!

It has been fantastic hearing from so many small business owners over the past few weeks…a lot of excitement re. using video to grow their businesses.  Here is what Michelle sent me:“At first, I wasn’t sure whether my videos were good enough – but I posted them to TikTok anyway. I was quite surprised to see how …

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