#9 What’s Your (re)Purpose?

So, you’ve decided to start CREATING LONG FORM VIDEO CONTENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS… Wonderful!
REMINDER: You can REPURPOSE your long form video content FOR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS and other purposes.
Here’s 5 EASY WAYS To REPURPOSE Your Long-Form Video Content:
  1. Break it Up: Convert the long form video into shorter segments to use for separate SOCIAL MEDIA TEASERS(This will also drive traffic to your YouTube channel or wherever you have your long form video posted.)

  2. Expand on Topics: Use segments of the long form video as a REFERENCE IN OTHER VIDEOS to expand on different topics or drive traffic back to that video.

  3. Turn It Into a Podcast: Turn the audio from your long form video into an AUDIO PODCAST(This is beneficial so you can have the same content shared across multiple platforms.)

  4. Written Word: Convert the TRANSCRIPTS from your long form video into copy, captions or any other text driven content such as blog posts, or emails.

  5. Video Ads: Repurpose smaller segments of your long form content into VIDEO ADVERTISEMENTS
These are some easy ways to repurpose your long-form vids into other areas. 

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