#6 3 Secret Weapons

We’re going to talk about 3 SECRET WEAPONS OF VIDEO CONTENT that can really boost your search engine optimization or SEO.
Thumbnails are an image used, essentially as an album cover for video content for both short form and long form video.
This is important for your users to have a very attention-getting first impression with your video before even clicking on it.
Also, it makes it easier to search if they go back to your platform or your website to search for that video, specifically.
CTA’s are important in your video content so that the purpose of your video is clearly defined and your message is properly digested by your viewers.
It also makes your video standout, makes your content look more organized, structured and it looks more professional – which adds a lot of value to your video content.
Did you know that your CAPTIONS are also indexed by search engines?
By having the captions available on your video, this makes your video more searchable for essential keywords that can be used in the video related to your business.
When you ensure all three of these secret weapons for video content are in place, you should experience much better SEO results!

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