#4 It’s NOT About You

What exactly does your audience want from your video content?
Great question… I’m glad you asked…..Here’s my answer…
Don’t assume that you know what they want – it’s not about you…..It’s about your audience, SO, You should ask them!
Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to ask your audience what they want from you.

  • Send out a quick/easy email to your entire database w/ this open-ended question: What are 3 videos you want to see from me (us)?
  • Call your top 3-5 clients and ask them directly too. What are 3 videos that you want to see from me (us)?
  • If you have a Facebook Group, come up with 6 video ideas and post these in the group as a poll. ex. ‘Which of these video ideas would you like to see me make?’
By keeping your audience at the forefront of your brand’s VIDEO CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY is a great way to ensure you meet their needs.
Here are 6 KEY STEPS to building Video Content Value:
  1. Identify what the customer wants.
  2. Combine with your own ideas / brand themes.
  3. Create content accordingly (tell a story or use real-life situation)
  4. Explore different media (IG Reels, TikTok, YouTube, etc.).
  5. Share & invite engagement to your video on other social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, website, etc.).
  6. Develop value-driven interactions.
 Keep track of your engagements as you create more video content and see what your audience likes best and keep going!

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