#4 Amorous Algorithms!

If you aren’t already, the time to start doing video content for your business is NOW!

Because the social media platforms’ algorithms LOVE video…..The algorithms are much more ‘amorous’ with video vs static images!
Video is a powerful tool in marketing – 92% of consumers will share videos they watch with others and 60% will engage in a video post before a static image*.

Social media users, video content consumers, prioritize consuming video content. 

From a Vimeo blog (Feb 2022), “Because Instagram is prioritizing video, posting video content is a great way to expand your reach (and get on the Explore page). Reels are featured on Explore 2x as much as regular content, making them a strong vehicle for growth.”
This is helpful for you and your business because the algorithms change to support more video distribution – to get more people to see your content…for you to get more clients & sales.

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