#3 KeyWords

How do you know what your audience is searching for online
And how do you craft your videos to hit these target audiences? 
The answer… KEYWORDS
Keywords are terms used in digital marketing to describe a word or a group of words that a typical Internet user would use to search in a search engine
These are very important for the purpose of:
  • Titling your videos correctly
  • Hash tagging your videos correctly
  • Placing keywords on your social platforms & website to make sure that your customers can find you in their search engine results
But how do we pick the right keywords? 
We recommend these 5 CRUCIAL STEPS FOR PICKING THE PERFECT KEYWORDS for your brand and your video content:
  1. Think like the customer…what they would search when trying to find your brand?
  2. Study your competitors…what keywords do they use?
  3. Make a list of topics related to your business and expand on them. (That way your name comes up in search engine results for related searches that your users might use.)
  4. Utilize research tools, there are some available in the apps such as TikTok & Instagram, which shows you how frequently these keywords or hashtags are used. Or online platforms like SEMrush.com
  5. Analyze your results…if you’re not seeing that it’s targeting the right audience, you can shift your keywords to something more specific for better results.

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