#2 Use YouTube

Thinking about starting a YouTube channel for your business? 
NRT is here to encourage you to GO FOR IT!!! (whoot! whoot!…NRT can help set that up for you too!)
Let’s talk about how creating YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTENT can help boost your company and your brand’s search engine results or search engine optimization. 
Did you know that GOOGLE & YOUTUBE are owned by the same parent corporation, Alphabet, Inc.?
So, why do you, as a coach/course creator/ business owner, care about this piece of business trivia?
Good question – the answer is b/c GOOGLE PRIORITIZES YOUTUBE CONTENT in its search results…..So, get your YouTube channel set up & start posting content so that it can show up in Google search results!
Don’t Forget:
Make sure your videos have…
  • a relevant TITLE
  • correct CLOSED CAPTIONING to help your video be indexed better
  • & use TIMESTAMPS for important parts of your video
You can also CROSS POST  this video to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, your website, etc, for more exposure…bringing your brand name further to the top of the search results list!

"5 Must-Know Tips For
Business Success on TikTok"