#1 Human Connection

In video content creation, authenticity creates a personal affinity and deeper connection between your brand and your audience…the Human Connection.
 Especially now, since every social media consumer is bombarded with advertisements and video content, making yours STAND OUT is vital.
One way to do this is by giving your video content a HUMAN FEEL!
Creating authentic videos will help your audience BUILD TRUST with you, as opposed to traditional advertising videos.
Use YOUR resources, YOUR story, and YOUR current customers to create human connection and your original content.
User Generated Content (UGC)

Another great tool to use re. making video is to have USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC).
UGC is when you let your customers take the proverbial wheel and they share their own content and their connection with your brand!
Over 90% of consumers trust UGC over traditional advertising… 
WOW – take a second to re-read that stat! 
Here are 3 types of UGC that you can use:
  • Tagged Posts – Have your clients tag you/your company in THEIR posts.
  • Product Review Videos – Have your clients record and review your product/service.
  • Testimonials – Have your best clients tell others via video what their experience with you/your company has been.
  The HUMAN CONNECTION will be one of the strongest assets to your brand’s video content!

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