(Tip #7/10) Use the Right Ad  Product/Objective

I have been getting a lot of DMs via Instagram and Messenger w/ people responding w/ MORE QUESTIONS re. ‘Tips for Facebook Ad Success’…and one of the seemingly simple questions that comes up all the time is……Which Ad Product/Objective Should I be Using? 

On the surface, this seems like a really simple question….but the answer isn’t simple

Tip #7  Use the Right Ad  Product/Objective

There are 11 different Ad Products/Objectives to choose from.

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach people located near your business
  • Send traffic to your site
  • More post engagement
  • Get app installs
  • Get video views
  • Collect leads
  • Receive messages
  • Increase conversions on your site
  • Sell more items via your e-comm store
  • Get more people into your physical storefront

…SO, which one is the ‘Right’ one?….. Um, the one that is the ‘best’ is the one that aligns w/ YOUR business goals.

If you want more people to watch your video, choose the ‘Video View‘ ad product….Sell more t-shirts on your e-comm store? Choose the ‘Conversion’ (or ‘Catalog‘) ad product….Did you make a really great post on your FB or IG page and want more people to engage w/ it? Then the best ad product for this business goal might be the ‘Engagement‘ ad product.  

ALERT: There are 11 different Ad Products/Objectives to choose from….and  


Simple action wanted = More Results! Your money goes further!!! 

–> The ad products that are more ‘simple’ in action ‘cost’ less….i.e. You will get more results for your money (your money will go further!!!) For example, if you want people to watch your video (Video Views ad product), that ad product is much more simple b/c the consumer doesn’t need to take any action….they simply consume your video content.  

More complex action wanted = Fewer results! Your money doesn’t go as far –> An ad product like ‘Conversions‘ asks the consumer to 1) click on an ad. 2) move off the platform. 3) look at your offer/item 4) sign up or buy the product. 5) add their contact details/payment info…..etc. 
You can see why using a ‘conversion’ ad product/objective costs more money…it takes more time and the consumer has to do more work!! 

Here’s a list of our past Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success

Tip #1: Use Video in your ads as much as possible.
Tip #2: Use ‘Automatic Placement‘ for the delivery option.
Tip #3: Set up the Facebook Pixel for tracking opportunities
Tip #4: Set Up & Use Custom Audiences
Tip #5: Use an Appropriate Ad Budget
Tip #6: Use the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Option for  Spending 

Wishing you successful ad performance, 
Louie B
Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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