(Tip #6/10) Tip #6 Use the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Option for Spending

Tip #6: Use the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Option for Spending

For Tip #5/10, I wrote about using the Appropriate Ad Budget…..Not too much money, not too little money…JUST the right amount (the ‘Goldilocks’ approach…LOL).

Well, Tip #6 deals w/ how the Facebook Algorithm spends that budget…….i.e at the ‘Campaign Level’ or at the ‘Ad Set Level’. 

Um, at this point, you may be a bit confused w/ these 2 terms…..so, here’s a quick image to show you what I’m talking about

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is a Facebook advertising feature that should not be ignored.  This might sound fairly trivial but it isn’t.

  • With CBO you set your budget at the campaign level (as opposed to the ad set level)…Setting at the Ad Set Level IS possible, however, I prefer to have Facebook’s strong algorithm determine which Ad Set (need 2+) has better performance/optimization, which happens at w/ CBO.
  • Setting your budget at the campaign level means that Facebook will optimize your budget across different ad sets
  • This will result in more of your budget being spent on the target audiences that deliver the best results.
  • Automatically spending more of your budget on high-performing elements of your Facebook ad campaigns is a no-brainer….leading to lower costs/result

The CBO budget continuously distributes in real-time to ad sets with the best opportunities, throughout the course of your campaign….So,  Instead of setting individual ad set budgets, you set one overarching campaign budget. By using the CBO option, there is the flexibility to spend more on ad sets with the best opportunities, and less on underperforming ad sets.

Here’s a list of our past Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success

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Tip #5: Use an Appropriate Ad Budget

Wishing you successful ad performance, 
Louie B 
Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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