(Tip #5/10) Use an Appropriate Ad Budget

Tip #5 Use an Appropriate Ad Budget

Ok, folks…I’m going to be a ‘Myth Buster‘ with today’s Quick Tip…..
Myth: I can succeed w/ Facebook ads with a $5/day budget to get started!!!
Myth Busted: When you are just getting started, you need to be able to 
show up w/ an Appropriate Budget so that you can #GetResults!!!

Spend too little on your Facebook ads budget and risk missing out on conversions…Spend too much, and your monthly marketing budget will vanish into thin air. Here are some

  • In simple terms, the Facebook advertising platform is a ‘Live-Bidding AUCTION Platform’.….Just like any ‘regular auction’, the person w/ the “best”*  bid, will ‘win’ the auction
  • Why this is IMPORTANT INFORMATION….b/c IF your ‘bid’, aka, your Ad Budget is too low, your ads won’t get served to the ‘right’ people & you simply won’t get the results you may want
  • There are also times when having too high of a budget, i.e. when your target audience is small, works against you…A budget that’s too large will cause Facebook ad frequency issues, particularly if your target audience is small. Once everyone in your target audience has been served your ad multiple times, your campaign will lose effectiveness.
*There are many other factors that the FB algorithm uses to determine an ad’s success (which I will teach you when you join me in my 
workshop on June 15)….ad budget, though, is something that you are able to control.
Here’s a list of our past Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success

Tip #1: Use video in your ads as much as possible.
Tip #2: Use ‘Automatic Placement’ for the delivery option.
Tip #3: Set up the Facebook Pixel for tracking opportunities
Tip #4: Tip #4 Set Up & Use Custom Audiences

Wishing you successful ad performance, 
Louie B 
Louie Bischoff / Founder – NRT Marketing Solutions

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